Pandemic Fatigue

Feeling hopeless? You might be experiencing Pandemic Fatigue


One of the most common complaints I am hearing at the moment is that people are feeling hopeless. And it’s understandable given the current situation. We are not designed to be in situations of sustained stress with such unpredictability and uncertainty for such long periods of time.

For more than 18 months now, we’ve been dealing with social distancing, mask wearing, lockdowns and quarantining, home-schooling, working from home and adjusting to working online, job losses and financial stress, either being at home alone and feeling lonely or feeling smothered and overwhelmed by having too much time with family and not enough personal space, to having our hope and plans for the future being squashed in an instant. It all takes a toll and can leave us feeling physically and mentally exhausted, and this exhaustion is being referred to as ‘pandemic fatigue’.

Whilst it affects each of us in different ways, common signs and symptoms of pandemic fatigue fall into three categories: emotional, physical and performance.

Emotional symptoms include:


Physical symptoms include:


Performance symptoms include:


A couple of initial tips to help you beat pandemic fatigue:

Go gently,